Thursday, October 27, 2016

When it's right, it's good

I went to my Wednesday night running group this week. There are always so many things to do to keep us from going, but when we make the time to go, it's pretty good. My husband and I don't always run together, sometimes we walk. Last week that's what we did. This week, I had already made up my mind to not hold him back, in case I wanted to walk. Instead, I left for my run before everyone else got there. I just wanted to see how I'd feel and this way I'd get in a few extra steps.

I decided to walk and while I was walking, I just felt "it" was right to run. When it's right, it's good. It feels good, the air feels good, the ground feels good, the shoes, the body, "it" all feels good when it's right. It's been a really long time since its all felt so right, or good. I circled back to the start and met up with running group and chatted for a few, listened to a few minutes of the world series game that was playing in the background, tried to convince myself it was alright to not go back out. Because I'd run already, after all (not far), but we all went back out. It definitely felt right.

Darren and I are rebels so we didn't stick to the mapped route. Instead we were headed to the track at the nearby college. He's faster than I, so I told him I'd catch up. It didn't take me long but he was already circling back out because there was a soccer match on the field. Again, it felt right to just keep going, so we did. And when we completely ran out of sidewalk, we turned around to head back to our start.

When we wait until things are "right," we can lose out on so much, or realizing we can make our own "right." I love running by myself but it was right to hear my husband's feet hit the ground along with mine. The air was crisp, which means fall's here. The sidewalks covered in colorful leaves crunched under our feet, another giveaway fall's in full force. Leaving summer behind is a lot easier for me this year. It feels right.

None of the distances run really matter when it's right, because it just feels good. Last night's run was the longest, most consistent run I've had in a long while. The beer after was right and really good too.

Stay safe and happy running y'all.

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